evam saptau sva-bhavanat
patantau tau krpalubhih
proktau punar janmabhir vam
tribhir lokaya kalpatam
evam—thus; saptau—being cursed; sva-bhavanat—from their abode, Vaikuntha; patantau—falling down; tau—those two (Jaya and Vijaya); krpalubhih—by the merciful sages (Sanandana, etc.); proktau—addressed; punah—again; janmabhih—with births; vam—your; tribhih—three; lokaya—for the position; kalpatam—let it be possible.
While Jaya and Vijaya, thus cursed by the sages, were falling to the material world, they were addressed as follows by the same sages, who were very kind to them. O doorkeepers, after three births you will be able to return to your positions in Vaikuntha, for then the duration of the curse will have ended.

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