asapan kupita evam
yuvam vasam na carhathah
rajas-tamobhyam rahite
pada-mule madhudvisah
papistham asurim yonim
balisau yatam asv atah
asapan—cursed; kupitah—being full of anger; evam—thus; yuvam—you two; vasam—residence; na—not; ca—and; arhathah—deserve; rajah-tamobhyam—from passion and ignorance; rahite—free; pada-mule—at the lotus feet; madhu-dvisah—of Visnu, the slayer of the Madhu demon; papistham—most sinful; asurim—demoniac; yonim—to a womb; balisau—O you two fools; yatam—go; asu—quickly hereafter; atah—therefore.
Thus checked by the doorkeepers Jaya and Vijaya, Sanandana and the other great sages very angrily cursed them. “You two foolish doorkeepers,” they said. “Being agitated by the material qualities of passion and ignorance, you are unfit to live at the shelter of Madhudvisa’s lotus feet, which are free from such modes. It would be better for you to go immediately to the material world and take your birth in a family of most sinful asuras.”

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