bhumis turiyam jagraha
khata-pura-varena vai
irinam brahma-hatyaya
rupam bhumau pradrsyate
bhumihthe earth; turiyamone fourth; jagrahaaccepted; khata-puraof the filling of holes; varenabecause of the benediction; vaiindeed; irinamthe deserts; brahma-hatyayahof the reaction for killing a brahmana; rupamform; bhumauon the earth; pradrsyateis visible.
In return for King Indras benediction that ditches in the earth would be filled automatically, the land accepted one fourth of the sinful reactions for killing a brahmana. Because of those sinful reactions, we find many deserts on the surface of the earth.
Because deserts are manifestations of the earths diseased condition, no auspicious ritualistic ceremony can be performed in a desert. Persons destined to live in deserts are understood to be sharing the reactions for the sin of brahma-hatya, the killing of a brahmana.

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