brahma-hatyam anjalina
jagraha yad apisvarah
samvatsarante tad agham
bhutanam sa visuddhaye
caturdha vyabhajad dharih
brahma-hatyam—the sinful reaction for killing a brahmana; anjalina—with folded hands; jagraha—assumed the responsibility for; yat api—although; isvarah—very powerful; samvatsara-ante—after one year; tat agham—that sinful reaction; bhutanam—of the material elements; sah—he; visuddhaye—for purification; bhumi—unto the earth; ambu—water; druma—trees; yosidbhyah—and unto women; caturdha—in four divisions; vyabhajat—divided; harih—King Indra.
Although Indra was so powerful that he could neutralize the sinful reactions for killing a brahmana, he repentantly accepted the burden of these reactions with folded hands. He suffered for one year, and then to purify himself he distributed the reactions for this sinful killing among the earth, water, trees and women.

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