tasmin vinihate yuyam
bhuyah prapsyatha bhadram vo
na himsanti ca mat-paran
tasmin—when he (Vrtrasura); vinihate—is killed; yuyam—all of you; tejah—power; astra—arrows; ayudha—other weapons; sampadah—and opulence; bhuyah—again; prapsyatha—will obtain; bhadram—all good fortune; vah—unto you; na—not; himsanti—hurt; ca—also; mat-paran—My devotees.
When Vrtrasura is killed because of My spiritual strength, you will regain your strength, weapons and wealth. Thus there will be all good fortune for all of you. Although Vrtrasura can destroy all the three worlds, do not fear that he will harm you. He is also a devotee and will never be envious of you.
A devotee of the Lord is never envious of anyone, what to speak of other devotees. As revealed later, Vrtrasura was also a devotee. Therefore be was not expected to be envious of the demigods. Indeed, of his own accord, he would try to benefit the demigods. A devotee does not hesitate to give up his own body for a better cause. Canakya Pandita said, san-nimitte varam tyago vinase niyate sati. After all, all one’s material possessions, including his body, will be destroyed in due course of time. Therefore if the body and other possessions can be utilized for a better cause, a devotee never hesitates to give up even his own body. Because Lord Visnu wanted to save the demigods, Vrtrasura, even though able to swallow the three worlds, would agree to be killed by the demigods. For a devotee there is no difference between living and dying because in this life a devotee engages in devotional service, and after giving up his body, he engages in the same service in the spiritual world. His devotional service is never hindered.
Thus end the Bhaktivedanta purports to the Ninth Chapter, Sixth Canto, of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, entitled “Appearance of the Demon Vrtrasura.”

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