yusmabhyam yacito ’svibhyam
dharma-jno ’ngani dasyati
tatas tair ayudha-srestho
yena vrtra-siro harta
yusmabhyam—for all of you; yacitah—being asked; asvibhyam—by the Asvini-kumaras; dharma-jnah—Dadhici, who knows the principles of religion; angani—his limbs; dasyati—will give; tatah—after that; taih—by those bones; ayudha—of weapons; sresthah—the most powerful (the thunderbolt); visvakarma-vinirmitah—manufactured by Visvakarma; yena—by which; vrtra-sirah—the head of Vrtrasura; harta—will be taken away; mat-tejah—by My strength; upabrmhitah—increased.
When the Asvini-kumaras beg for Dadhyanca’s body on your behalf, he will surely give it because of affection. Do not doubt this, for Dadhyanca is very experienced in religious understanding. When Dadhyanca awards you his body, Visvakarma will prepare a thunderbolt from his bones. This thunderbolt will certainly kill Vrtrasura because it will be invested with My power.

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