asmakam tavakanam tatatata natanam hare tava carana-nalina-yugala-dhyananubaddha-hrdaya-nigadanam sva-linga-vivaranenatmasat-krtanam anukampanuranjita-visada-rucira-sisira-smitavalokena vigalita-madhura-mukha-rasamrta-kalaya cantas tapam anagharhasi samayitum.
asmakamof us; tavakanamwho are wholly and solely dependent upon You; tata-tataO grandfather, father of the father; natanamwho are fully surrendered unto You; hareO Lord Hari; tavaYour; caranaon the feet; nalina-yugalalike two blue lotus flowers; dhyanaby meditation; anubaddhabound; hrdayain the heart; nigadanamwhose chains; sva-linga-vivaranenaby manifesting Your own form; atmasat-krtanamof those You have accepted as Your own; anukampaby compassion; anuranjitabeing colored; visadabright; ruciravery pleasing; sisiracool; smitawith a smile; avalokenaby Your glance; vigalitamelted with compassion; madhura-mukha-rasaof the very sweet words from Your mouth; amrta-kalayaby the drops of nectar; caand; antahwithin the cores of our hearts; tapamthe great pain; anaghaO supreme pure; arhasiYou deserve; samayitumto curb.
O supreme protector, O grandfather, O supreme pure, O Lord! We are all surrendered souls at Your lotus feet. Indeed, our minds are bound to Your lotus feet in meditation by chains of love. Now please manifest Your incarnation. Accepting us as Your own eternal servants and devotees, be pleased with us and sympathetic toward us. By Your love-filled glance, with its cool and pleasing smile of sympathy, and by the sweet, nectarean words emanating from Your beautiful face, free us from the anxiety caused by this Vrtrasura, who always pains the cores of our hearts.
Lord Brahma is considered the father of the demigods, but Krsna, or Lord Visnu, is the father of Brahma because Brahma took birth from the lotus flower growing from the Lords abdomen.

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