pura svayambhur api samyamambhasy
udirna-vatormi-ravaih karale
eko ’ravindat patitas tatara
tasmad bhayad yena sa no ’stu parah
pura—formerly (during the time of creation); svayambhuh—Lord Brahma; api—also; samyama-ambhasi—in the water of inundation; udirna—very high; vata—of wind; urmi—and of waves; ravaih—by the sounds; karale—very fearful; ekah—alone; aravindat—from the lotus seat; patitah—almost fallen; tatara—escaped; tasmat—from that; bhayat—fearful situation; yena—by whom (the Lord); sah—He; nah—of us; astu—let there be; parah—deliverance.
In the beginning of creation, a tremendous wind caused fierce waves of inundating water. The great waves made such a horrible sound that Lord Brahma almost fell from his seat on the lotus into the water of devastation, but he was saved with the help of the Lord. Thus we also expect the Lord to protect us from this dangerous condition.

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