tripistapam kim ganayanty abhedya-
mantra bhrgunam anusiksitarthah
na vipra-govinda-gav-isvaranam
bhavanty abhadrani naresvaranam
tri-pista-pamall the demigods, including Lord Brahma; kimwhat; ganayantithey care for; abhedya-mantrahwhose determination to carry out the orders of the spiritual master is unbreakable; bhrgunamof the disciples of Bhrgu Muni like Sukracarya; anusiksita-arthahdeciding to follow the instructions; nanot; viprathe brahmanas; govindathe Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna; gothe cows; isvaranamof persons favoring or considering worshipable; bhavantiare; abhadraniany misfortunes; nara-isvaranamor of kings who follow this principle.
Because of their firm determination to follow the instructions of Sukracarya, his disciples, the demons, are now unconcerned about the demigods. In fact, kings or others who have determined faith in the mercy of brahmanas, cows and the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, and who always worship these three are always strong in their position.
From the instructions of Lord Brahma it is understood that everyone should very faithfully worship the brahmanas, the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the cows. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is go-brahmana-hitaya ca: He is always very kind to cows and brahmanas. Therefore one who worships Govinda must satisfy Him by worshiping the brahmanas and cows. If a government worships the brahmanas, the cows and Krsna, Govinda, it is never defeated anywhere; otherwise it must always be defeated and condemned everywhere. At the present moment, all over the world, governments have no respect for brahmanas, cows and Govinda, and consequently there are chaotic conditions all over the world. In summary, although the demigods were very powerful in material opulence, the demons defeated them in battle because the demigods had behaved disrespectfully toward a brahmana, Brhaspati, who was their spiritual master.

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