tasyayam anayasyasit
parebhyo vah parabhavah
praksinebhyah sva-vairibhyah
samrddhanam ca yat surah
tasyathat; ayamthis; anayasyaof your ungrateful activity; asitwas; parebhyahby others; vahof all of you; parabhavahthe defeat; praksinebhyahalthough they were weak; sva-vairibhyahby your own enemies, who were previously defeated by you; samrddhanambeing yourselves very opulent; caand; yatwhich; surahO demigods.
Because of your misbehavior toward Brhaspati, you have been defeated by the demons. My dear demigods, since the demons were weak, having been defeated by you several times, how else could you, who were so advanced in opulence, be defeated by them?
The devas are celebrated for fighting with the asuras perpetually. In such fights the asuras were always defeated, but this time the demigods were defeated. Why? The reason, as stated here, was that they had offended their spiritual master. Their impudent disrespect of their spiritual master was the cause of their defeat by the demons. As stated in the sastras, when one disrespects a respectable superior, one loses his longevity and the results of his pious activities, and in this way one is degraded.

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