guror nadhigatah samjnam
pariksan bhagavan svarat
dhyayan dhiya surair yuktah
sarma nalabhatatmanah
guroh—of his spiritual master; na—not; adhigatah—finding; samjnam—trace; pariksan—searching vigorously all around; bhagavan—the most powerful Indra; svarat—independent; dhyayan—meditating; dhiya—by wisdom; suraih—by the demigods; yuktah—surrounded; sarma—peace; na—not; alabhata—obtained; atmanah—of the mind.
Although Indra searched vigorously with the assistance of the other demigods, he could not find Brhaspati. Then Indra thought, “Alas, my spiritual master has become dissatisfied with me, and now I have no means of achieving good fortune.” Although Indra was surrounded by demigods, he could not find peace of mind.

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