evam cintayatas tasya
maghono bhagavan grhat
brhaspatir gato ’drstam
gatim adhyatma-mayaya
evam—thus; cintayatah—while thinking very seriously; tasya—he; maghonahIndra; bhagavan—the most powerful; grhat—from his home; brhaspatihBrhaspati; gatah—went; adrstam—invisible; gatim—to a state; adhyatma—due to being highly elevated in spiritual consciousness; mayaya—by his potency.
While Indra, the King of the demigods, thought in this way and repented in his own assembly, Brhaspati, the most powerful spiritual master, understood his mind. Thus he became invisible to Indra and left home, for Brhaspati was spiritually more powerful than King Indra.

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