etavad uktva prayayau
narado ’mogha-darsanah
te ’pi canvagaman margam
bhratrnam eva marisa
etavat—this much; uktva—speaking; prayayau—departed from that place; naradah—the great sage Narada; amogha-darsanah—whose glance is all-auspicious; te—they; api—also; ca—and; anvagaman—followed; margam—the path; bhratrnam—of their previous brothers; eva—indeed; marisa—O great Aryan king.
Sukadeva Gosvami continued: O best of the advanced Aryans, after saying this much to the sons of Prajapati Daksa, Narada Muni, whose merciful glance never goes in vain, left as he had planned. The sons of Daksa followed their elder brothers. Not attempting to produce children, they engaged themselves in Krsna consciousness.

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