bhratrnam prayanam bhrata
yo nutisthati dharmavit
sa punya-bandhuh puruso
marudbhih saha modate
bhratrnamof elder brothers; prayanamthe path; bhrataa faithful brother; yahone who; anutisthatifollows; dharma-vitknowing the religious principles; sahthat; punya-bandhuhhighly pious; purusahperson; marudbhihthe demigods of the winds; sahawith; modateenjoys life.
A brother aware of the principles of religion follows in the footsteps of his elder brothers. Because of being highly elevated, such a pious brother gets the opportunity to associate and enjoy with demigods like the Maruts, who are all affectionate to their brothers.
According to their belief in various material relationships, people are promoted to various planets. Here it is said that one who is very faithful to his brothers should follow a path similar to theirs and get the opportunity for promotion to Marudloka. Narada Muni advised Prajapati Daksas second group of sons to follow their elder brothers and be promoted to the spiritual world.

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