tebhyas tasyam samabhavad
daksah pracetasah kila
yasya praja-visargena
loka apuritas trayah
tebhyahfrom all the Pracetas; tasyamin her; samabhavatwas generated; daksahDaksa, the expert in begetting children; pracetasahthe son of the Pracetas; kilaindeed; yasyaof whom; praja-visargenaby the generation of living entities; lokahthe worlds; apuritahfilled; trayahthree.
In the womb of that girl the Pracetas all begot a son named Daksa, who filled the three worlds with living entities.
Daksa was first born during the reign of Svayambhuva Manu, but because of offending Lord Siva he was punished by having the head of a goat substituted for his own head. Thus insulted, he had to give up that body, and in the sixth manvantara, called the Caksusa manvantara, he was born of the womb of Marisa as Daksa. In this connection Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura quotes this verse:
His previous body had been destroyed, but he, the same Daksa, inspired by the supreme will, created all the desired living entities in the Caksusa manvantara. (Bhag. 4.30.49) Thus Daksa regained his previous opulence and again begot thousands and millions of children to fill the three worlds.

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