tokanam pitarau bandhu
drsah paksma striyah patih
patih prajanam bhiksunam
grhy ajnanam budhah suhrt
tokanamof children; pitarauthe two parents; bandhuthe friends; drsahof the eye; paksmathe eyelid; striyahof the woman; patihthe husband; patihthe protector; prajanamof the subjects; bhiksunamof the beggars; grhithe householder; ajnanamof the ignorant; budhahthe learned; su-hrtthe friend.
As the father and mother are the friends and maintainers of their children, as the eyelid is the protector of the eye, as the husband is the maintainer and protector of a woman, as the householder is the maintainer and protector of beggars, and as the learned is the friend of the ignorant, so the king is the protector and giver of life to all his subjects. The trees are also subjects of the king. Therefore they should be given protection.
By the supreme will of the Personality of Godhead, there are various protectors and maintainers for helpless living entities. The trees are also considered prajas, subjects of the king, and therefore the duty of the monarch is to protect even the trees, not to speak of others. The king is duty-bound to protect the living entities in his kingdom. Thus although the parents are directly responsible for the protection and maintenance of their children, the duty of the king is to see that all parents do their duty properly. Similarly, the king is also responsible for overseeing the other protectors mentioned in this verse. It may also be noted that the beggars who should be maintained by the householders are not professional beggars, but sannyasis and brahmanas, to whom the householders should supply food and clothing.

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