te deva-siddha-parigita-pavitra-gatha
ye sadhavah samadrso bhagavat-prapannah
tan nopasidata harer gadayabhiguptan
naisam vayam na ca vayah prabhavama dande
te—they; deva—by the demigods; siddha—and the inhabitants of Siddhaloka; parigita—sung; pavitra-gathah—whose pure narrations; ye—who; sadhavah—devotees; samadrsah—who see everyone equally; bhagavat-prapannah—being surrendered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead; tan—them; na—not; upasidata—should go near; hareh—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; gadaya—by the club; abhiguptan—being fully protected; na—not; esam—of these; vayam—we; na ca—and also not; vayah—unlimited time; prabhavama—are competent; dande—in punishing.
My dear servants, please do not approach such devotees, for they have fully surrendered to the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They are equal to everyone, and their narrations are sung by the demigods and the inhabitants of Siddhaloka. Please do not even go near them. They are always protected by the club of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and therefore Lord Brahma and I and even the time factor are not competent to chastise them.
In effect, Yamaraja warned his servants, My dear servants, despite what you may have done previously to disturb the devotees, henceforward you should stop. The actions of devotees who have surrendered unto the lotus feet of the Lord and who constantly chant the holy name of the Lord are praised by the demigods and the residents of Siddhaloka. Those devotees are so respectable and exalted that Lord Visnu personally protects them with the club in His hand. Therefore, regardless of what you have done this time, henceforward you should not approach such devotees; otherwise you will be killed by the club of Lord Visnu. This is my warning. Lord Visnu has a club and cakra to punish nondevotees. Do not risk punishment by attempting to disturb the devotees. Not to speak of you, if even Lord Brahma or I were to punish them, Lord Visnu would punish us. Therefore do not disturb the devotees any further.

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