sakam vihayasa vipro
haimam vimanam aruhya
yayau yatra sriyah patih
sakamalong; vihayasaby the path in the sky, or the airways; viprahthe brahmana (Ajamila); mahapurusa-kinkaraihwith the order carriers of Lord Visnu; haimammade of gold; vimanaman airplane; aruhyaboarding; yayauwent; yatrawhere; sriyah patihLord Visnu, the husband of the goddess of fortune.
Accompanied by the order carriers of Lord Visnu, Ajamila boarded an airplane made of gold. Passing through the airways, he went directly to the abode of Lord Visnu, the husband of the goddess of fortune.
For many years, material scientists have tried to go to the moon, but they are still unable to go there. However, the spiritual airplanes from the spiritual planets can take one back home, back to Godhead, in a second. The speed of such a spiritual plane can only be imagined. Spirit is finer than the mind, and everyone has experience of how swiftly the mind travels from one place to another. Therefore one can imagine the swiftness of the spiritual form by comparing it to the speed of the mind. In less than even a moment, a perfect devotee can return home, back to Godhead, immediately after giving up his material body.

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