matr-svasur abhiprayam
indra ajnaya manada
ditim paryacarat kavih
matr-svasuh—of his motherís sister; abhiprayam—the intention; indrahIndra; ajnaya—understanding; mana-da—O King Pariksit, who give respect to everyone; susrusanena—with service; asrama-stham—residing in an asrama; ditimDiti; paryacarat—attended upon; kavih—seeing his own interest.
O King, who are respectful to everyone, Indra understood Ditiís purpose, and thus he contrived to fulfill his own interests. Following the logic that self-preservation is the first law of nature, he wanted to break Ditiís promise. Thus he engaged himself in the service of Diti, his aunt, who was residing in an asrama.

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