atha kasyapa-dayadan
daiteyan kirtayami te
yatra bhagavatah sriman
prahrado balir eva ca
atha—now; kasyapa-dayadan—the sons of Kasyapa; daiteyan—born of Diti; kirtayami—I shall describe; te—to you; yatra—where; bhagavatah—the great devotee; sri-man—glorious; prahradahPrahlada; balihBali; eva—certainly; ca—also.
Now let me describe the sons of Diti, who were begotten by Kasyapa but who became demons. In this demoniac family the great devotee Prahlada Maharaja appeared, and Bali Maharaja also appeared in that family. The demons are technically known as Daityas because they proceeded from the womb of Diti.

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