etavan eva manujair
svarthah sarvatmana jneyo
yat paratmaika-darsanam
etavan—this much; eva—indeed; manujaih—by human beings; yoga—by the process of linking with the Supreme by bhakti-yoga; naipunya—endowed with expertise; buddhibhih—who have intelligence; sva-arthah—the ultimate goal of life; sarva-atmana—by all means; jneyah—to be known; yat—which; para—of the transcendental Lord; atma—and of the soul; eka—of the oneness; darsanam—understanding.
Persons who try to reach the ultimate goal of life must expertly observe the Supreme Absolute Person and the living entity, who are one in quality in their relationship as part and whole. This is the ultimate understanding of life. There is no better truth than this.

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