namas tubhyam bhagavate
kuyoginam bhida paramahamsaya
namahall obeisances; tubhyamunto You; bhagavateYour Lordship; sakalaall; jagatof the cosmic manifestation; sthitiof the maintenance; layadissolution; udayaand creation; isayaunto the Supreme Lord; duravasitaimpossible to understand; atma-gatayewhose own position; ku-yoginamof those who are attached to the objects of the senses; bhidaby the false understanding of separateness; parama-hamsayaunto the supreme pure.
My dear Lord, You are the creator, maintainer and annihilator of this cosmic manifestation, but persons who are too materialistic and who always see separateness do not have eyes with which to see You. They cannot understand Your real position, and therefore they conclude that the cosmic manifestation is independent of Your opulence. My Lord, You are the supreme pure, and You are full in all six opulences. Therefore I offer my respectful obeisances unto You.
Atheistic men think that the cosmic manifestation has come about by chance, by a combination of matter, without reference to God. Materialistic so-called chemists and atheistic philosophers always try to avoid even the name of God in relation to the cosmic manifestation. For them Gods creation is impossible to understand because they are too materialistic. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is paramahamsa, or the supreme pure, whereas those who are sinful, being very much attached to material sense enjoyment and therefore engaging in material activities like asses, are the lowest of men. All their so-called scientific knowledge is null and void because of their atheistic temperament. Thus they cannot understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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