viditam ananta samastaṁ
tava jagad-ātmano janair ihācaritam
vijñāpyaṁ parama-guroḥ
kiyad iva savitur iva khadyotaiḥ
viditam—well known; ananta—O unlimited; samastam—everything; tava—to You; jagat-ātmanaḥ—who are the Supersoul of all living entities; janaiḥ—by the mass of people, or all living entities; iha—within this material world; ācaritam—performed; vijñāpyam—to be informed; parama-guroḥ—to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supreme master; kiyat—how much; iva—certainly; savituḥ—to the sun; iva—like; khadyotaiḥ—by the fireflies.
O unlimited Supreme Personality of Godhead, whatever a living entity does in this material world is well known to You because You are the Supersoul. In the presence of the sun there is nothing to be revealed by the light of a glowworm. Similarly, because You know everything, in Your presence there is nothing for me to make known.

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