yan na sprsanti na vidur
antar bahis ca vitatam
vyomavat tan nato ísmy aham
yat—whom; na—not; sprsanti—can touch; na—nor; viduh—can know; manah—the mind; buddhi—the intelligence; indriya—the senses; asavah—the life airs; antah—within; bahih—outside; ca—also; vitatam—expanded; vyoma-vat—like the sky; tat—unto Him; natah—bowed; asmi—am; aham—I.
The Supreme Brahman emanates from the Supreme Personality of Godhead and expands like the sky. Although untouched by anything material, it exists within and without. Nonetheless, the mind, intelligence, senses and living force can neither touch Him nor know Him. I offer unto Him my respectful obeisances.

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