deha-dehi-vibhago ’yam
aviveka-krtah pura
jati-vyakti-vibhago ’yam
yatha vastuni kalpitah
deha—of this body; dehi—and the proprietor of the body; vibhagah—the division; ayam—this; aviveka—from ignorance; krtah—made; pura—from time immemorial; jati—of the class or caste; vyakti—and the individual; vibhagah—division; ayam—this; yatha—just as; vastuni—in the original object; kalpitah—imagined.
Divisions of generalization and specification, such as nationality and individuality, are the imaginations of persons who are not advanced in knowledge.
Actually there are two energies—material and spiritual. Both of them are ever-existing because they are emanations from the eternal truth, the Supreme Lord. Because the individual soul, the individual living entity, has desired to act in forgetfulness of his original identity since time immemorial, he is accepting different positions in material bodies and being designated according to many divisions of nationality, community, society, species and so on.

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