TEXTS 2123
adhuna putrinam tapo
evam dara grha rayo
sabdadayas ca visayas
cala rajya-vibhutayah
mahi rajyam balam koso
sarve pi suraseneme
adhunaat the present moment; putrinamof persons who have children; tapahthe tribulation; bhavataby you; evaindeed; anubhuyateis experienced; evamin this way; darahgood wife; grhahresidence; rayahriches; vividhavarious; aisvaryaopulences; sampadahprosperities; sabda-adayahsound and so on; caand; visayahthe objects of sense gratification; calahtemporary; rajyaof the kingdom; vibhutayahopulences; mahiland; rajyamkingdom; balamstrength; kosahtreasury; bhrtyaservants; amatyaministers; suhrt-janahallies; sarveall; apiindeed; surasenaO King of Surasena; imethese; sokaof lamentation; mohaof illusion; bhayaof fear; artiand distress; dahgivers; gandharva-nagara-prakhyahheaded by the illusory sight of a gandharva-nagara, a big palace within the forest; svapnadreams; mayaillusions; manorathahand concoctions of the mind.
My dear King, now you are actually experiencing the misery of a person who has sons and daughters. O King, owner of the state of Surasena, ones wife, his house, the opulence of his kingdom, and his various other opulences and objects of sense perception are all the same in that they are temporary. Ones kingdom, military power, treasury, servants, ministers, friends and relatives are all causes of fear, illusion, lamentation and distress. They are like a gandharva-nagara, a nonexistent palace that one imagines to exist in the forest. Because they are impermanent, they are no better than illusions, dreams and mental concoctions.
This verse describes the entanglement of material existence. In material existence, the living entity possesses many thingsthe material body, children, wife and so on (dehapatya-kalatradisu). One may think that these will give him protection, but that is impossible. In spite of all these possessions, the spirit soul has to give up his present situation and accept another. The next situation may be unfavorable, but even if it is favorable, one must give it up and again accept another body. In this way, ones tribulation in material existence continues. A sane man should he perfectly aware that these things will never be able to give him happiness. One must be situated in his spiritual identity and eternally serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead as a devotee. Angira Rsi and Narada Muni gave this instruction to Maharaja Citraketu.

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