prayo mumuksavas tesam
kecanaiva dvijottama
mumuksunam sahasresu
kascin mucyeta sidhyati
prayah—almost always; mumuksavah—persons interested in liberation; tesam—of them; kecana—some; eva—indeed; dvija-uttama—O best of the brahmanas; mumuksunam—of those who desire to be liberated; sahasresu—in many thousands; kascit—someone; mucyeta—may be actually liberated; sidhyati—someone is perfect.
O best of the brahmanas, Sukadeva Gosvami, out of many persons who follow religious principles, only a few desire liberation from the material world. Among many thousands who desire liberation, one may actually achieve liberation, giving up material attachment to society, friendship, love, country, home, wife and children. And among many thousands of such liberated persons, one who can understand the true meaning of liberation is very rare.
There are four classes of men, namely karmis, jnanis, yogis and bhaktas. This statement pertains especially to karmis and jnanis. A karmi tries to he happy within this material world by changing from one body to another. His objective is bodily comfort, either in this planet or in another. When such a person becomes a jnani, however, be aspires for liberation from material bondage. Among many such persons who aspire for liberation, one may actually be liberated during his life. Such a person gives up his attachment for society, friendship, love, country, family, wife and children. Among many such persons, who are in the vanaprastha stage, one may understand the value of becoming a sannyasi, completely accepting the renounced order of life.

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