evam vikalpito rajan
vidusa muninapi sah
prasrayavanato ’bhyaha
praja-kamas tato munim
evam—thus; vikalpitah—questioned; rajan—O King Pariksit; vidusa—greatly learned; munina—by the philosopher; api—although; sah—he (King Citraketu); prasraya-avanatah—being bent low due to humility; abhyaha—replied; praja-kamah—desiring offspring; tatah—thereafter; munim—to the great sage.
Sukadeva Gosvami said: O King Pariksit, although the great sage Angira knew everything, he inquired from the King in this way. Thus King Citraketu, desiring a son, bent low in great humility and spoke to the great sage as follows.
Since the face is the index to the mind, a saintly person can study the condition of one’s mind by seeing his face. When Angira Rsi remarked about the King’s discolored face, King Citraketu explained the cause of his anxiety as follows.

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