yasyatmanuvasas cet syat
sarve tad-vasaga ime
lokah sapala yacchanti
sarve balim atandritah
yasya—of whom; atma—mind; anuvasah—under control; cet—if; syat—may be; sarve—all; tat-vasa-gah—under the control of him; ime—these; lokah—the worlds; sa-palah—with their governors; yacchanti—offer; sarve—all; balim—contribution; atandritah—becoming free from laziness.
If the king’s mind is fully controlled, all his family members and governmental officers are subordinate to him. His provincial governors present taxes on time, without resistance, and what to speak of lesser servants?
Angira Rsi asked the King whether his mind was also under control. This is most essential for happiness.

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