angira uvaca
api te namayam svasti
prakrtinam tathatmanah
yatha prakrtibhir guptah
puman raja ca saptabhih
angirah uvacathe great sage Angira said; apiwhether; teof you; anamayamhealth; svastiauspiciousness; prakrtinamof your royal elements (associates and paraphernalia); tathaas well as; atmanahof your own body, mind and soul; yathalike; prakrtibhihby the elements of material nature; guptahprotected; pumanthe living being; rajathe king; caalso; saptabhihby seven.
The great sage Angira said: My dear King, I hope that your body and mind and your royal associates and paraphernalia are well. When the seven properties of material nature [the total material energy, the ego and the five objects of sense gratification] are in proper order, the living entity within the material elements is happy. Without these seven elements one cannot exist. Similarly, a king is always protected by seven elementshis instructor (svami or guru), his ministers, his kingdom, his fort, his treasury, his royal order and his friends.
As it is quoted by Sridhara Svami in his Bhagavatam commentary:
svamy-amatyau janapada
dando mitram ca tasyaitah
sapta-prakrtayo matah
A king is not alone. He first has his spiritual master, the supreme guide. Then come his ministers, his kingdom, his fortifications, his treasury, his system of law and order, and his friends or allies. If these seven are properly maintained, the king is happy. Similarly, as explained in Bhagavad-gita (dehino smin yatha dehe [Bg. 2.13]), the living entity, the soul, is within the material covering of the mahat-tattva, ego and panca-tanmatra, the five objects of sense gratification. When these seven are in proper order, the living entity is in a mood of pleasure. Generally when the associates of the king are quiet and obedient, the king can be happy. Therefore the great sage Angira Rsi inquired about the Kings personal health and the good fortune of his seven associates. When we inquire from a friend whether everything is well, we are concerned not only with his personal self but also with his family, his source of income, and his assistants or servants. All of them must be well, and then a person can be happy.

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