tada ca khe dundubhayo vinedur
gandharva-siddhah samaharsi-sanghah
vartra-ghna-lingais tam abhistuvana
mantrair muda kusumair abhyavarsan
tada—at that time; ca—also; khe—in the higher planetary systems in the sky; dundubhayah—the kettledrums; vineduh—sounded; gandharva—the Gandharvas; siddhah—and the Siddhas; sa-maharsi-sanghah—with the assembly of saintly persons; vartra-ghna-lingaih—celebrating the prowess of the killer of Vrtrasura; tam—him (Indra); abhistuvanah—praising; mantraih—by various mantras; muda—with great pleasure; kusumaih—with flowers; abhyavarsan—showered.
When Vrtrasura was killed, the Gandharvas and Siddhas in the heavenly planets beat kettledrums in jubilation. With Vedic hymns they celebrated the prowess of Indra, the killer of Vrtrasura, praising Indra and showering flowers upon him with great pleasure.

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