dorbhyam utkrtta-mulabhyam
babhau rakta-sravo surah
chinna-pakso yatha gotrah
khad bhrasto vajrina hatah
dorbhyamfrom the two arms; utkrtta-mulabhyamcut from the very root; babhauwas; rakta-sravahprofusely discharging blood; asurahVrtrasura; chinna-paksahwhose wings are cut; yathajust as; gotraha mountain; khatfrom the sky; bhrastahfalling; vajrinaby Indra, the carrier of the thunderbolt; hatahstruck.
Vrtrasura, bleeding profusely, his two arms cut off at their roots, looked very beautiful, like a flying mountain whose wings have been cut to pieces by Indra.
It appears from the statement of this verse that sometimes there are flying mountains and that their wings are cut by the thunderbolt of Indra. Vrtrasuras huge body resembled such a mountain.

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