prana-glaho ’yam samara
isv-akso vahanasanah
atra na jnayate ’musya
jayo ’musya parajayah
prana-glahah—life is the stake; ayam—this; samarah—battle; isu-aksah—the arrows are the dice; vahana-asanah—the carriers such as the horses and elephants are the game board; atra—here (in this gambling match); na—not; jnayate—is known; amusya—of that one; jayah—victory; amusya—of that one; parajayah—defeat.
O my enemy, consider this battle a gambling match in which our lives are the stakes, the arrows are the dice, and the animals acting as carriers are the game board. No one can understand who will be defeated and who will be victorious. It all depends on providence.

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