nanv esa vajras tava sakra tejasa
harer dadhices tapasa ca tejitah
tenaiva satrum jahi visnu-yantrito
yato harir vijayah srir gunas tatah
nanu—certainly; esah—this; vajrah—thunderbolt; tava—of yours; sakra—O Indra; tejasa—by the prowess; hareh—of Lord Visnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; dadhiceh—of Dadhici; tapasa—by the austerities; ca—as well as; tejitah—empowered; tena—with that; eva—certainly; satrum—your enemy; jahi—kill; visnu-yantritah—ordered by Lord Visnu; yatah—wherever; harih—Lord Visnu; vijayah—victory; srih—opulences; gunah—and other good qualities; tatah—there.
O Indra, King of heaven, the thunderbolt you carry to kill me has been empowered by the prowess of Lord Visnu and the strength of Dadhici’s austerities. Since you have come here to kill me in accordance with Lord Visnu’s order, there is no doubt that I shall be killed by the release of your thunderbolt. Lord Visnu has sided with you. Therefore your victory, opulence and all good qualities are assured.
Vrtrasura not only assured King Indra that the thunderbolt was invincible, but also encouraged Indra to use it against him as soon as possible. Vrtrasura was eager to die with the stroke of the thunderbolt sent by Lord Visnu so that he could immediately return home, back to Godhead. By hurling the thunderbolt, Indra would gain victory and enjoy the heavenly planets, remaining in the material world for repeated birth and death. Indra wanted to gain victory over Vrtrasura and thereby become happy, but that would not at all be happiness. The heavenly planets are just below Brahmaloka, but as stated by the Supreme Lord, Krsna, abrahma-bhuvanal lokah punar avartino ’rjuna: [Bg. 8.16] even if one achieves Brahmaloka, he must still fall to the lower planetary systems again and again. However, if one goes back to Godhead, he never returns to this material world. By killing Vrtrasura, Indra would not actually gain; he would remain in the material world. Vrtrasura, however, would go to the spiritual world. Therefore victory was destined for Vrtrasura, not for Indra.

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