sri-rsir uvaca
dharmam vah srotu-kamena
yuyam me pratyudahrtah
esa vah priyam atmanam
tyajantam santyajamy aham
sri-rsih uvacathe great saint Dadhici said; dharmamthe principles of religion; vahfrom you; srotu-kamenaby the desire to hear; yuyamyou; meby me; pratyudahrtahreplied to the contrary; esahthis; vahfor you; priyamdear; atmanambody; tyajantamleaving me anyway, today or tomorrow; santyajamigive up; ahamI.
The great sage Dadhici said: Just to hear from you about religious principles, I refused to offer my body at your request. Now, although my body is extremely dear to me, I must give it up for your better purposes since I know that it will leave me today or tomorrow.

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