tathabhiyacito devair
rsir atharvano mahan
modamana uvacedam
prahasann iva bharata
tathain that manner; abhiyacitahbeing begged; devaihby the demigods; rsihthe great saintly person; atharvanahDadhici, the son of Atharva; mahanthe great personality; modamanahbeing merry; uvacasaid; idamthis; prahasansmiling; ivasomewhat; bharataO Maharaja Pariksit.
O King Pariksit, following the Lords instructions, the demigods approached Dadhici, the son of Atharva. He was very liberal, and when they begged him to give them his body, he at once partially agreed. However, just to hear religious instructions from them, he smiled and jokingly spoke as follows.

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