drstva tam kama-liptena
bahuna parirambhitam
jagama hrc-chaya-vasam
sahasaiva vimohitah
drstvaby seeing; tamher (the prostitute); kama-liptenadecorated with turmeric to incite lusty desires; bahunawith the arm; parirambhitamembraced; jagamawent; hrt-sayaof lusty desires within the heart; vasamunder the control; sahasasuddenly; evaindeed; vimohitahbeing illusioned.
The sudra, his arm decorated with turmeric powder, was embracing the prostitute. When Ajamila saw her, the dormant lusty desires in his heart awakened, and in illusion he fell under their control.
It is said that if ones body is smeared with turmeric, it attracts the lusty desires of the opposite sex. The word kama-liptena indicates that the sudra was decorated with turmeric smeared on his body.

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