yena yavan yathadharmo
dharmo veha samihitah
sa eva tat-phalam bhunkte
tatha tavad amutra vai
yenaby which person; yavanto which extent; yathain which manner; adharmahirreligious activities; dharmahreligious activities; vaor; ihain this life; samihitahperformed; sahthat person; evaindeed; tat-phalamthe particular result of that; bhunkteenjoys or suffers; tathain that way; tavatto that extent; amutrain the next life; vaiindeed.
In proportion to the extent of ones religious or irreligious actions in this life, one must enjoy or suffer the corresponding reactions of his karma in the next.
As stated in Bhagavad-gita (14.18):
Those who act in the mode of goodness are promoted to higher planetary systems to become demigods, those who act in an ordinary way and do not commit excessively sinful acts remain within this middle planetary system, and those who perform abominable sinful actions must go down to hellish life.

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