sri-suka uvaca
ity ukte yamadutais te
tan pratyucuh prahasyedam
megha-nirhradaya gira
sri-sukah uvaca—Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said; iti—thus; ukte—being addressed; yamadutaih—by the messengers of Yamaraja; te—they; vasudeva-ukta-karinah—who are always ready to execute the orders of Lord Vasudeva (being personal associates of Lord Visnu who have obtained the liberation of salokya); tan—unto them; pratyucuh—replied; prahasya—smiling; idam—this; megha-nirhradaya—resounding like a rumbling cloud; gira—with voices.
Sukadeva Gosvami continued: Being thus addressed by the messengers of Yamaraja, the servants of Vasudeva smiled and spoke the following words in voices as deep as the sound of rumbling clouds.
The Yamadutas were surprised to see that the Visnudutas, although polite, were hindering the rule of Yamaraja. Similarly, the Visnudutas were also surprised that the Yamadutas, although claiming to be servants of Yamaraja, the supreme judge of religious principles, were unaware of the principles of religious action. Thus the Visnudutas smiled, thinking, “What is this nonsense they are speaking? If they are actually servants of Yamaraja they should know that Ajamila is not a suitable candidate for them to carry off.”

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