ucur nisedhitas tams te
ke yuyam pratiseddharo
dharma-rajasya sasanam
ucuh—replied; nisedhitah—being forbidden; tan—to the order carriers of Lord Visnu; te—they; vaivasvata—of Yamaraja; purah-sarah—the assistants or messengers; ke—who; yuyam—all of you; pratised-dharah—who are opposing; dharma-rajasya—of the king of religious principles, Yamaraja; sasanam—the ruling jurisdiction.
When the order carriers of Yamaraja, the son of the sun-god, were thus forbidden, they replied: Who are you, sirs, that have the audacity to challenge the jurisdiction of Yamaraja?
According to the sinful activities of Ajamila, he was within the jurisdiction of Yamaraja, the supreme judge appointed to consider the sins of the living entities. When forbidden to touch Ajamila, the order carriers of Yamaraja were surprised because they had never been hindered in the execution of their duty by anyone within the three worlds.

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