sa capi tad u ha pitr-sannidhav evasadhricinam iva sma karoti chandamsy adhyapayisyan saha vyahrtibhih sapranava-siras tripadim savitrim graisma-vasantikan masan adhiyanam apy asamaveta-rupam grahayam asa.
sahhe (Jada Bharata); caalso; apiindeed; tat u hathat which was instructed by his father; pitr-sannidhauin the presence of his father; evaeven; asadhricinam ivanot correct, as if he could not understand anything; sma karotiused to perform; chandamsi adhyapayisyandesiring to teach him Vedic mantras during the months beginning with Sravana or during the period of Caturmasya; sahaalong with; vyahrtibhihthe utterance of the names of the heavenly planets (bhuh, bhuvah, svah); sa-pranava-sirahheaded by omkara; tri-padimthree-footed; savitrimthe Gayatri mantra; graisma-vasantikanfor four months, beginning with Caitra, on the fifteenth of May; masanthe months; adhiyanam apialthough fully studying; asamaveta-rupamin an incomplete form; grahayam asahe made him learn.
Jada Bharata behaved before his father like a fool, despite his fathers adequately instructing him in Vedic knowledge. He behaved in that way so that his father would know that he was unfit for instruction and would abandon the attempt to instruct him further. He would behave in a completely opposite way. Although instructed to wash his hands after evacuating, he would wash them before. Nonetheless, his father wanted to give him Vedic instructions during the spring and summer. He tried to teach him the Gayatri mantra along with omkara and vyahrti, but after four months, his father still was not successful in instructing him.

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