tat-prasavotsarpana-bhaya-khedatura sva-ganena viyujyamana kasyancid daryam krsna-sarasati nipapatatha ca mamara.
tat-prasavafrom untimely discharge of that (baby deer); utsarpanafrom jumping across the river; bhayaand from fear; khedaby exhaustion; aturaafflicted; sva-ganenafrom the flock of deer; viyujyamanabeing separated; kasyancitin some; daryamcave of a mountain; krsna-sarasatithe black doe; nipapatafell down; athatherefore; caand; mamaradied.
Being separated from its flock and distressed by its miscarriage, the black doe, having crossed the river, was very much distressed. Indeed, it fell down in a cave and died immediately.

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