tam upaśrutya sā mṛga-vadhūḥ prakṛti-viklavā cakita-nirīkṣaṇā sutarām api hari-bhayābhiniveśa-vyagra-hṛdayā pāriplava-dṛṣṭir agata-tṛṣā bhayāt sahasaivoccakrāma.
tam upaśrutya—hearing that tumultuous sound; —that; mṛga-vadhūḥ—wife of a deer; prakṛti-viklavā—by nature always afraid of being killed by others; cakita-nirīkṣaṇā—having wandering eyes; sutarām api—almost immediately; hari—of the lion; bhaya—of fear; abhiniveśa—by the entrance; vyagra-hṛdayā—whose mind was agitated; pāriplava-dṛṣṭiḥ—whose eyes were moving to and fro; agata-tṛṣā—without fully satisfying the thirst; bhayāt—out of fear; sahasā—suddenly; eva—certainly; uccakrāma—crossed the river.
By nature the doe was always afraid of being killed by others, and it was always looking about suspiciously. When it heard the lion’s tumultuous roar, it became very agitated. Looking here and there with disturbed eyes, the doe, although it had not fully satisfied itself by drinking water, suddenly leaped across the river.

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