yatrasrama-padany ubhayato nabhibhir drsac-cakrais cakra-nadi nama sarit-pravara sarvatah pavitri-karoti.
yatrawhere; asrama-padaniall hermitages; ubhayatahboth on top and below; nabhibhihlike the symbolic mark of a navel; drsatvisible; cakraihwith the circles; cakra-nadithe Cakra-nadi River (generally known as the Gandaki); namaof the name; sarit-pravarathe most important river of all; sarvataheverywhere; pavitri-karotisanctifies.
In Pulaha-asrama is the Gandaki River, which is the best of all rivers. The salagrama-sila, the marble pebbles, purify all those places. On each and every marble pebble, up and down, circles like navels are visible.
Salagrama-sila refers to pebbles that appear like stones with circle; marked up and down. These are available in the river known as Gandaki-nadi. Wherever the waters of this river flow, the place becomes immediately sanctified.

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