yada mano-hrdaya-granthir asya
karmanubaddho drdha aslatheta
tada janah samparivartate ísmad
muktah param yaty atihaya hetum
yada—when; manah—the mind; hrdaya-granthih—the knot in the heart; asya—of this person; karma-anubaddhah—bound by the results of his past deeds; drdhah—very strong; aslatheta—becomes slackened; tada—at that time; janah—the conditioned soul; samparivartate—turns away; asmat—from this attachment for sex life; muktah—liberated; param—to the transcendental world; yati—goes; atihaya—giving up; hetum—the original cause.
When the strong knot in the heart of a person implicated in material life due to the results of past action is slackened, one turns away from his attachment to home, wife and children. In this way, one gives up the basic principle of illusion [I and mine] and becomes liberated. Thus one goes to the transcendental world.
When, by associating with sadhus and engaging in devotional service. one is gradually freed from the material conception due to knowledge. practice and detachment, the knot of attachment in the heart is slackened. Thus one can get freed from conditional life and become eligible to return home, back to Godhead.

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