yarhi vava sa bhagavan lokam imam yogasyaddha pratipam ivacaksanas tat-pratikriya-karma bibhatsitam iti vratam ajagaram-asthitah sayana evasnati pibati khadaty avamehati hadati sma cestamana uccarita adigdhoddesah.
yarhi vavawhen; sahHe; bhagavanthe Personality of Godhead; lokamthe people in general; imamthis; yogasyato the performance of yoga; addhadirectly; pratipamantagonistic; ivalike; acaksanahobserved; tatof that; pratikriyafor counteraction; karmaactivity; bibhatsitamabominable; itithus; vratamthe behavior; ajagaramof a python (to stay in one place); asthitahaccepting; sayanahlying down; evaindeed; asnatieats; pibatidrinks; khadatichews; avamehatipasses urine; hadatipasses stool; smathus; cestamanahrolling; uccaritei n the stool and urine; adigdha-uddesahHis body thus smeared.
When Lord Rsabhadeva saw that the general populace was very antagonistic to His execution of mystic yoga, He accepted the behavior of a python in order to counteract their opposition. Thus He stayed in one place and lay down. While lying down, He ate and drank, and He passed stool and urine and rolled in it. Indeed, He smeared His whole body with His own stool and urine so that opposing elements might not come and disturb Him.
According to ones destiny, one enjoys allotted happiness and distress, even though one keeps himself in one place. This is the injunction of the sastras. When one is spiritually situated, he may stay in one place, and all his necessities will be supplied by the arrangement of the supreme controller. Unless one is a preacher, there is no need to travel all over the world. A person can stay in one place and execute devotional service suitably according to time and circumstance. When Rsabhadeva saw that He was simply being disturbed by traveling throughout the world, He decided to lie down in one place like a python. Thus He ate, drank, and He passed stool and urine and smeared His body with them so that people would not disturb Him.

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