evam evandhatamisre yas tu vancayitva purusam daradin upayunkte yatra sariri nipatyamano yatana-stho vedanaya nasta-matir nasta-drstis ca bhavati yatha vanaspatir vrscyamana-mulas tasmad andhatamisram tam upadisanti.
evam—in this way; eva—certainly; andhatamisre—in the hellish planet known as Andhatamisra; yah—the person who; tu—but; vancayitva—cheating; purusam—another person; dara-adin—the wife and children; upayunkte—enjoys; yatra—where; sariri—the embodied person; nipatyamanah—being forcibly thrown; yatana-sthah—always situated in extremely miserable conditions; vedanaya—by such suffering; nasta—lost; matih—whose consciousness; nasta—lost; drstih—whose sight; ca—also; bhavati—becomes; yatha—as much as; vanaspatih—the trees; vrscyamana—being cut; mulah—whose root; tasmat—because of this; andhatamisram—Andhatamisra; tam—that; upadisanti—they call.
The destination of a person who slyly cheats another man and enjoys his wife and children is the hell known as Andhatamisra. There his condition is exactly like that of a tree being chopped at its roots. Even before reaching Andhatamisra, the sinful living being is subjected to various extreme miseries. These afflictions are so severe that he loses his intelligence and sight. It is for this reason that learned sages call this hell Andhatamisra.

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