yas tv iha va adhyabhimatir ahankrtis tiryak-preksanah sarvato bhivisanki artha-vyaya-nasa-cintaya parisusyamana-hrdaya-vadano nirvrtim anavagato graha ivartham abhiraksati sa capi pretya tad-utpadanotkarsana-samraksana-samala-grahah sucimukhe narake nipatati yatra ha vitta-graham papa-purusam dharmaraja-purusa vayaka iva sarvato ngesu sutraih parivayanti.
yahany person who; tubut; ihain this world; vaor; adhya-abhimatihproud because of wealth; ahankrtihegotistic; tiryak-preksanahwhose vision is crooked; sarvatah abhivisankialways fearful of being cheated by others, even by superiors; artha-vyaya-nasa-cintayaby the thought of expenditure and loss; parisusyamanadried up; hrdaya-vadanahhis heart and face; nirvrtimhappiness; anavagatahnot obtaining; grahaha ghost; ivalike; arthamwealth; abhiraksatiprotects; sahhe; caalso; apiindeed; pretyaafter dying; tatof those riches; utpadanaof the earning; utkarsanaincreasing; samraksanaprotecting; samala-grahahaccepting the sinful activities; sucimukhenamed Sucimukha; narakein the hell; nipatatifalls down; yatrawhere; haindeed; vitta-grahamas a money-grabbing ghost; papa-purusamvery sinful man; dharmaraja-purusahthe commanding men of Yamaraja; vayakah ivalike expert weavers; sarvatahall over; angesuon the limbs of the body; sutraihby threads; parivayantistitch.
One who in this world or this life is very proud of his wealth always thinks, I am so rich. Who can equal me? His vision is twisted, and he is always afraid that someone will take his wealth. Indeed, he even suspects his superiors. His face and heart dry up at the thought of losing his wealth, and therefore he always looks like a wretched fiend. He is not in any way able to obtain actual happiness, and he does not know what it is to be free from anxiety. Because of the sinful things he does to earn money, augment his wealth and protect it, he is put into the hell called Sucimukha, where the officials of Yamaraja punish him by stitching thread through his entire body like weavers manufacturing cloth.
When one possesses more wealth than necessary, he certainly becomes very proud. This is the situation of men in modern civilization. According to the Vedic culture, brahmanas do not possess anything, whereas ksatriyas possess riches, but only for performing sacrifices and other noble activities as prescribed in the Vedic injunctions. A vaisya also earns money honestly through agriculture, cow protection and some trade. If a sudra gets money, however, he will spend it lavishly, without discrimination, or simply accumulate it for no purpose. Because in this age there are no qualified brahmanas, ksatriyas or vaisyas, almost everyone is a sudra (kalau sudra-sambhavah). Therefore the sudra mentality is causing great harm to modern civilization. A sudra does not know how to use money to render transcendental loving service to the Lord. Money is also called laksmi, and Laksmi is always engaged in the service of Narayana. Wherever there is money, it must be engaged in the service of Lord Narayana. Everyone should use his money to spread the great transcendental movement of Krsna consciousness. If one does not spend money for this purpose but accumulates more than necessary, he will certainly become proud of the money he illegally possesses. The money actually belongs to Krsna, who says in Bhagavad-gita (5.29), bhoktaram yajna-tapasam sarva-loka-mahesvaram: I am the true enjoyer of sacrifices and penances, and I am the owner of all the planets. Therefore nothing belongs to anyone but Krsna. One who possesses more money than he needs should spend it for Krsna. Unless one does so, he will become puffed up because of his false possessions, and therefore he will be punished in the next life, as described herein.

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