yas tv iha vai steyena balād vā hiraṇya-ratnādīni brāhmaṇasya vāpaharaty anyasya vānāpadi puruṣas tam amutra rājan yama-puruṣā ayasmayair agni-piṇḍaiḥ sandaṁśais tvaci niṣkuṣanti.
yaḥ—any person who; tu—but; iha—in this life; vai—indeed; steyena—by thievery; balāt—by force; —or; hiraṇya—gold; ratna—gems; ādīni—and so on; brāhmaṇasya—of a brāhmaṇa; —or; apaharati—steals; anyasya—of others; —or; anāpadi—not in a calamity; puruṣaḥ—a person; tam—him; amutra—in the next life; rājan—O King; yama-puruṣāḥ—the agents of Yamarāja; ayaḥ-mayaiḥ—made of iron; agni-piṇḍaiḥ—balls heated in fire; sandaṁśaiḥ—with tongs; tvaci—on the skin; niṣkuṣanti—tear to pieces.
My dear King, a person who in the absence of an emergency robs a brāhmaṇa—or, indeed, anyone else—of his gems and gold is put into a hell known as Sandaṁśa. There his skin is torn and separated by red-hot iron balls and tongs. In this way, his entire body is cut to pieces.

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