yasya ha va idam kalenopasanjihirsato marsa-viracita-rucira-bhramad-bhruvor antarena sankarsano nama rudra ekadasa-vyuhas try-aksas tri-sikham sulam uttambhayann udatisthat.
yasyaof whom; ha vaindeed; idamthis (material world); kalenain due course of time; upasanjihirsatahdesiring to destroy; amarsaby anger; viracitaformed; ruciravery beautiful; bhramatmoving; bhruvohthe two eyebrows; antarenafrom between; sankarsanah namanamed Sankarsana; rudrahan incarnation of Lord Siva; ekadasa-vyuhahwho has eleven expansions; tri-aksahthree eyes; tri-sikhamhaving three points; sulama trident; uttambhayanraising; udatisthatarose.
At the time of devastation, when Lord Anantadeva desires to destroy the entire creation, He becomes slightly angry. Then from between His two eyebrows appears three-eyed Rudra, carrying a trident. This Rudra, who is known as Sankarsana, is the embodiment of the eleven Rudras, or incarnations of Lord Siva. He appears in order to devastate the entire creation.
In each creation, the living entities are given a chance to close their business as conditioned souls. When they misuse this opportunity and do not go back home, back to Godhead, Lord Sankarsana becomes angry. The eleven Rudras, expansions of Lord Siva, come out of Lord Sankarsanas eyebrows due to His angry mood, and all of them together devastate the entire creation.

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